• Auditioning for College : Matt Edwards brilliant blog pertaining to college auditions.
  • : Provides downloadable recordings of foreign-language texts for use in preparing classical solo songs for auditions, competitions, or ongoing vocal study. Also very informative podcasts on different aspects of studying voice.
  • Finale Notepad : A very low cost music writing program from Finale. You can use this to write and play back your own music. I have also made sound files of many of the basic exercises in Finale that you can find on your own page.
  • Journey of the Voice : This amazing site gives a clear and concise explanation of how the voice works and how to take care of it plus many other pages and links to all things vocal!
  • Music Notes : Purchase music on line and print out at home.
  • Musical Interval Training : A large site where you can customize trainers to practice interval recognition, scales, chords, rhythms and other aspects of theory and ear training.
  • New Musical Theatre : The place to find sheet music by contemporary musical theatre writers.
  • Online Sheet Music : Purchase music on line and print out at home.
  • Sheet Music Direct : Purchase music on line and print out at home.
  • Sheet Music Plus : Sheet Music Plus offers the largest selection of sheet music and music books and is a reliable company with very good prices. All of the music that I will be asking you to purchase is available on their website along with many titles that you may wish to purchase for your own enjoyment. Music books are also ideal gifts for birthdays and Christmas so be sure to let your relatives know about this website. Sheet Music Plus has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and staff available to help by phone or email if you have any questions.
  • The Diction Domain : Everything you ever wanted to know about diction from Catalan to Klingon!
  • The Directory of Contemporary Musical Theatre Writers : This is a unique interactive resource, which allows you to access the rich landscape of contemporary musical theatre and directly connect with today‚Äôs best writers.
  • Vocapedia : A dynamic new information database about singing and the science of voice. Vocapedia features audio, video and text resources that provide rational thinking and facts related to the study of voice and singing as a profession as they are currently accepted in the scientific community, from authors who have demonstrated their expertise.